Best Knee Braces for Common Basketball Injuries

Knee braces are an important part of protective wear for basketball players. While basketball players do not have to wear protective equipment, there are some safety gear pieces they can wear while playing the game. A knee sleeve or brace are among the best pieces of safety equipment that players can wear. Let’s take a look at the top knee braces for common basketball injuries.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter with Bilateral Hinges

The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Supporter has bilateral (or two) hinges that help players to mitigate any injuries or pain. This brace device provides soft tissue support, joint alignment and therapeutic blood flow. It is also useful for helping players to perform on the court through strains and sprains. The knee device has a variety of straps to provide optimal support. It also has built-in sleeves to help players to receive the best condition on their knee.

Patellar Tendon Strap

The Patellar Tendon Strap by Vive is a unique knee brace that resembles a band. The unit is applied directly around the kneecap. It places mild pressure on the tendon and helps to reduce the pressure effects of running and jumping. The Vive tendon strap also has an inserted tube to help maintain a uniform pressure for the device. This unit is original in design and style.

Winzone Knee Brace Support Sleeve

This support sleeve is designed to get minimize pain and to provide efficient support to players. It is flexible enough to move with a competitor as they dribble on the court. They can make sudden movements and stops with this device. The forces that result from these types of motions are significantly reduced by the use of the Winzone. The unit is easy to put on since it straps around the knee area.

Best Knee Braces for Common Basketball Injuries

McDavid 401 Compression Knee Sleeve

The McDavid 401 Compression Knee Sleeve has a 5 – needle stitch design that has a durable nylon shell. The unit is heavy duty and will not tear, fray or rip. The neoprene thermo-compression design helps blood flow while keeping a person’s joint stabilized. This unit can be slipped over a person’s leg with ease. Best of all, the McDavid helps to relieve any pain a person might have on their knee and it helps to player to heal when recovering from an injury. These are among the best top knee braces for basketball players with injuries.

Active Gear Heavy Duty Knee Brace

The Active Gear Heavy Duty Knee Brace is more of a sleeve than an actual brace. It has a neoprene design that can help players to exert lots of pressure and force on their joints. Since this unit is designed to help people lift heavy weight, this feature will help as a shock absorber against impact motions that take place within basketball. This is a great brace for players that are aggressive or like to play power moves in the game.

Venom Knee Sleeve Gel Padded Support w/ Side Stabilizers

The Venom Knee Sleeve Get Padded Support has side stabilizers that can help players to maintain efficient support while out on the court. This unit is great for hoopers that like to sprint around or run on the court. It has a knitted composition that is flexible and allows a person’s knee area to breathe. An anti-slip design allows for maximal comfort and usefulness while on the court. The venom is a great knee support device that will allow players to make quick moves and perform agility maneuvers.…

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